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    PRADA Group’s sustainable development strategy and water-based leather

    Core tip: In the UN’s 17 SDGs, Prada’s SDGs are a plan jointly signed by UN member states for a better and sustainable future for mankind and the planet.

    Sustainable development is a core element of the Prada Group and has a profound impact on the Group’s development strategy.

    Prada Group’s sustainable development vision is not only driven by the promotion of moral obligations. Each initiative brings meaningful change and progress to business and society. Prada’s commitment to sustainable development is rooted in three key areas-people, culture and the environment. The brand believes that this is the only way to achieve performance growth, while benefiting the communities and geographies it serves. Ms. Miuccia Prada talked about the sustainability of culture in the interview video and regarded it as one of the core values ??of the Prada Group. She said: “Culture has a value that cannot be ignored, it is the framework of social movement, and it is also an important tool to stimulate the sustainable development of the community.” She also said that culture is the only way we interpret sustainability.

    Art and culture are like a window to examine ourselves and society, helping us understand the changes of society. Creating this window is one of the missions of the Prada Foundation. Since 2004, the Prada Foundation has been working with international film agencies. The multi-functional space at its Milan venue has equipment comparable to first-line cinemas, presenting diverse image creators and visual works to the audience. Since 2015, the Prada Foundation has not only become an ideal space for art and music creation, but also provides endless inspiration for creators and audiences.

    Prada Galleria Large Saffiano Leather Bag

    Prada Galleria Large Saffiano

    This Prada Galleria handbag is crafted from the iconic Saffiano cross-grain leather with a removable shoulder strap, a chic interpretation of classic timeless elegance.

    Water-based leather-Saffiano cross pattern

    The following is the water-based PU leather of Huaian Kaiyue Technology Development Co., Ltd.Saffiano-waterborne pu

    Water-based leather, water-based synthetic leather, also known as water-based environmentally friendly synthetic leather. Water-based PU leather uses water instead of organic solvents, does not contain DMF, DOP and other harmful chemicals, and has no pollution during production and is environmentally friendly. It is the best substitute for genuine leather and traditional solvent-based leather.
    Water-based leather does not harm animals and does not emit hazardous chemicals. It is a truly sustainable leather.

    I believed that in the near future, Prada will choose water-based leather as his classic bag leather to achieve the sustainable development goal.