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    [News] Our mother earth is sick, please be environmentally friendly

    Everyone yearns for the beauty of peace, but this is never simple.

    Syrians are trapped in a visible war, while people around the world are trapped in a battle without gun smoke, a battle for environmental protection endangering survival.


    The glaciers are melting, polar bears go out to sea to hunt for food, and they ca n’t see a piece of ice when they are physically exhausted.

    Our mother earth is sick.

    Her skin was bitten by the overwhelming locusts.

    She was also burned by more and more forest fires, leaving her body incomplete.

    In 2019, the number of forest fires caused by high temperatures in the world is the highest in history. Just Australian wildfires produced 400 million tons of carbon dioxide.

    She was trembling with pain all over because we were almost pumping out her “marrow”-oil.

    Oil has been on the ocean floor for hundreds of millions of years, but we have been unrestrictedly exploiting petroleum as a fossil fuel, and we have almost exhausted all the oil on the ocean floor!

    This quickly and completely changed the history of geology.

    And geological changes mean that more frequent crustal plate movements will erupt.

    These have been proven at the beginning of 2020, and various geological disasters occur frequently in many parts of the world, such as earthquakes, volcanoes and tsunamis.

    Earthquakes hit Sichuan, Taiwan, and Puerto Rico, and even Jinan, which has never experienced an earthquake …

    Mother Earth had used the power of floods to seal countless ancient viruses in her body, but she is now so weak that she has no extra energy …

    Humans discovered the largest “crystal hole” found on Earth in Naica, Mexico, which is as beautiful as an alien palace. However, a drop of water here has stored more than 200 million viruses, and it can kill an unprotected person within 30 minutes. …..

    In addition, she has a high fever and heats up at 0.12-0.22 ℃ every year.

    Scientists say that if the temperature of the earth rises by 6 ° C, 75% of life will die!


    In February 2020, the Antarctic temperature broke an all-time high, reaching 20.75 ° C!

    The North Pole experienced temperatures as high as 32 ° C 2 years ago!

    Pakistan suffered an extreme weather of 50.2 ° C, killing more than 60 people.

    The temperature in Algeria in North Africa reached 51.3 ° C this summer, breaking records since 1961.

    NASA data show that January 2020 is the warmest January in the world with observation records. It even broke the 141-year record of the National Oceanic Administration and the Atmospheric Administration.

    It is so warm that even perennial snow-covered, no-grass, and no-life, plants have grown on Mount Everest, which has the title of “Forbidden Life”.

    Some people ask, can Mother Earth’s fever be repelled?

    Unfortunately, Mother Earth’s high fever is irreversible, and her fever reduction mechanism is out of balance!

    The climate of the earth is regulated by glaciers and ocean waters.

    They are like the “antipyretic mechanism” when the earth is sick, but both of these “antipyretic mechanisms” are paralyzed.

    The water quality of the ocean is being seriously polluted by human garbage and poisonous water …

    In addition to water quality, marine ecosystems are determined by corals.

    Because coral reefs feed 1/4 of the ocean ’s life, if the coral reef ecosystem collapses, the remaining 3/4 will also die because of no food, and the entire marine ecology will collapse.

    And corals around the world are dying at an unexpected rate.

    Don’t underestimate them, 50% of the oxygen on Earth is provided by phytoplankton photosynthesis!

    So the decline of phytoplankton means that the earth’s oxygen will become thinner and thinner, and human breathing will become more and more difficult. At the same time, the greenhouse gas CO2 is not consumed by phytoplankton, which will exacerbate global warming.

    As the glaciers melt, ancient unknown viruses and frozen methane that were frozen in permafrost will also flow out.

    You may think the ancient unknown virus is terrible, but in fact, even more terrible is methane!

    Methane is another greenhouse gas other than CO2, and its ability to damage the atmosphere is 22 times that of carbon dioxide!

    If a large amount of methane flows out, global warming will accelerate, forming an endless cycle of “warming-glacial melting-methane outflow-rewarming”.

    CO2 is mainly produced by human activities and burning chemical fuels.

    Beginning in 2015, global carbon emissions are refreshing historical records every year.

    In the synthetic leather industry, solvent PU leather volatilizes a large amount of methane during the manufacturing process. DMF and other organic solvents are volatile, odorous, flammable and explosive, toxic and harmful.

    The footwear industry, the clothing industry, the home improvement industry, etc., are inseparable from the use of leather. Each processing and manufacturing will use a large number of highly volatile solvents.

    Therefore, Huai’an Kaiyue Technology is committed to the action of global environmental protection, and launched water-based environmentally friendly PU leather, scientific name is “water-based polyurethane synthetic leather”. ,Green. This is exactly the product introduced to meet the development of the times.

    The outbreak in early 2020 has given us a great wake-up call, let us put an end to the harm of wild animals from now on,

    Thinking of vegetation, thinking of everything withered.

    Humans greedily hunt and kill all kinds of wild animals, and the rate of species extinction is now 1000-10,000 times faster than normal.

    This means that in our lifetime, we will witness firsthand the extinction of more and more species.

    Destruction only takes a moment, but governance requires the joint efforts of generations!

    When everyone awakens their awareness of environmental protection, they participate in environmental protection actions in their own way.

    Every tiny action can produce a huge butterfly effect!

    From individuals, to cities, to nations, to the community of human destiny, and finally to the community of earth’s destiny, it will create huge changes!

    Mother Earth is sick, but we are pretending to sleep.

    This environmental protection action for treating the earth is a community of common destiny for mankind and a large-scale global joint battle!

    It’s time to wake up and take action.

    Don’t let the next generation bear the “un peace” of this environmental war!

    Environmental protection, whether it is black or white

    Either do it or die

    Survive without gray areas.


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