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    [Fashion News] Environmentally friendly water-based leather perfectly matches sustainable fashion

    The women’s autumn / winter 2019 new product launch conference, through the “Design Fund Charity” and “Environmental Theme”, has two chapters, showing all major designer brands to create perfect fashion with the theme of environmental protection.



    South Korean designer Jang Hyeong Cheol uses his unique perspective to reinterpret common clothing styles around him, constantly creating new possibilities in the silhouette of classic clothing, and conveying the “ordinary but not ordinary” design concept. There are many elements of women’s clothing in the design of other men’s clothing, and many girls will choose to wear it.


    Designer Park Seung Gun was a singer, model, and stylist before starting the brand. He loves to use fun abstract prints and trendy street styles. He is known as Jeremy Scott in Korea. The brand name is derived from the phrase “push the button” in Madonna’s “Hollywood”, which also represents the brand’s unique, avant-garde and quirky design concept.


    The designer brand Jejia originates from the structural code of Milan. It condenses every moment of light and shadow in the printing and color. The loose silhouette cut reflects the fresh and casual personality, and advocates a colorful and easy-going lifestyle.


    Elvis is an independent brand enthusiastic about World War II culture, and continues to express its understanding of wartime culture in the products of each season, using clothing brand language and elements to express.

    P H 2 3

    PH23 is a studio brand that Cher cooperates in South Korea and is committed to cutting-edge original design works. Bring the design concept at the cutting edge of fashion to customers in your own way.

    Environmental protection and sustainability are receiving more and more attention. As a fashion industry, behind the introduction of new gorgeous clothing, it represents a lot of waste of resources and environmental pollution. With the theme of “environmental protection”, the MAXSTYLE conference uses waste packaging materials, advocates reducing plastic waste, uses green energy, eliminates animal fur, and chooses environmentally-friendly water-based leather.

    MAXSTYLE uses clothing as a carrier, and through sustainable development and reforestation, it awakens people’s awe of nature and protection.

    waterborne leather/rpet leather

    In addition, the clothing mix also emphasizes the mix and match of soft tones and highlights; in terms of styling, it is equipped with a gas mask, hanging bottle, and billboards with individual personality. And exquisite design details, the fusion of popular colors and the use of new fabrics are the characteristics of this season.

    Human development and the ecological health of the earth are irreversible. We must not only protect the ecological environment, but also protect our current and future generations, so we must act without delay!