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    [Fashion News] Eco Echo, sustainable fashion vocal: With the theme of sustainable environmental protection.

    ECO stands for Ecology, Conservation and Optimization; ECHO has an echo meaning, and it also represents a wave of response that has stirred up thousands of layers to support environmental protection. At ECO ECHO! At Sustainable Fashion Week, we reinvented with second-hand fashion products and turned them into new ones that could adapt to the current and future “NEW ARRIVAL” possibilities. We used big shows, parties, and pop-up shows to bring the same impression to the public. Responsible fashion concept.

    On March 29th, the night tour buses NightBus, OIAM, Baige, and WEWORK co-voiced. The Eco Echo! Opening concept show and party were held at the flagship WEWORK Weihai Road flagship store. With the theme of sustainable environmental protection, we were able to save energy. Make up for Shanghai Fashion Week!

    Night Tour Bus and OIAM Sustainable Fashion Group invited the founders of extreme sports, costume designers, band singers, architectural designers, models … to transform idle second-hand fashion products and provide creative fashion recycling solutions.

    Cooperating brand Baige integrates second-hand goods into the sharing economy, and together use creative inspiration to help fashion sustainably.

    The show showcased the magic of second-hand fashion regeneration with the concept of sustainability, and conveyed to more people to understand the value of vintage and second-hand fashion, and support the concept of fashion and environmental protection.

    Supporting environmentally friendly amateur models caught the eye of the show, and Gravity’s makeup team regenerates creativity, allowing amateurs to reflect their unique environmental style attitude.

    A water-based leather long coat, painted by children of WABC Barrier-free Arts, with colorful oil paint, can be domineering to reproduce the rivers and lakes.

    This evening, we also focus on sustainable areas of animals. Eliminate the use of animal fur, choose environmentally friendly leather, also known as environmentally friendly water-based PU leather-using water instead of organic solvents, the production process is pollution-free, environmentally friendly.



    Eco Echo! The flash art project was also the highlight of the evening. The night tour bus used creative and interactive art to enhance public awareness forever and light up the environment.

    Huaian Kaiyue Technology Development Co., Ltd. provides water-based eco-friendly leather for this environmental theme, and strives for sustainable fashion.

    Many fashion vintages, which one do you want to list? The dusty big-name bags are transformed by the Yeba Women’s Team, and shine again with another look. Beach style vintage & 旖旎 neon lights & cascade extension space. Gucci, Fendi, LV … All kinds of heavy suitcases have been freed up to wipe off the deposited dust and rejuvenate. The collision of retro and technology, sustainable carnival in the most chill way, with the beating of capers in Eco Echo! Spin up.

    Little dinosaurs, screaming chickens, rabbit puppets … whether your pet has been fascinated with one of them, the old love is difficult to shed, and how to continue their life. With the increasing love of pet lovers, the fashion of pets also began to shake the earth. NightBus & LAZY EAZY is inspired by the transformation of abandoned cute dolls into large-scale art installations and returns to our lives in another way. Get exclusive inspiration instantly, embroider your own code name chocker, pin-made custom show cards, watch the show, and bring the embroidery back. The scrap material cut out in the model room is reassembled. THIS NOR THAT explains that nothing in this world should be discarded, and the leftover material reconstruction will become a limited edition that cannot be copied.

    Fashion and environmental protection have always been the focus of attention in the fashion industry. Fabric innovation, inventory burning and other fashion residual issues, the production of every garment is consuming the life of the planet. The China Youth Cultural Platform-Night Tour Bus calls on the global trendy citizens to take action together to carry out the concept of sustainable environmental protection to the end.