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    Cloth Leather [Water-based PU Leather]


    Water-based PU leather

    Name of water-based PU leather is also called “water-based polyurethane”. Water-based PU leather uses water instead of organic solvents and does not contain harmful chemicals such as DMF and DOP. There is no pollution during the production process, zero emissions of hazardous chemicals, and environmental protection. Now widely used in the decoration of luggage, clothing, shoes, vehicles and furniture, it has been increasingly recognized by the market. Its wide range of applications, large number and variety are beyond the reach of traditional natural leather. Good water-based PU leather is even more expensive than leather, with good styling effect and bright surface!

    Properties and characteristics of water-based PU materials

    People are accustomed to using water-based PU resin as the raw material for artificial leather called water-based PU artificial leather (water-based PU leather); water-based PU resin and non-woven fabrics used as raw materials for artificial leather called water-based PU synthetic leather (water-based synthetic leather). It shows a kind of essential beauty, which embodies the taste of “plain face to sky”. The softness, rigidity, warmth, and apathy of the material itself not only affects the senses and spirit of the person. Here are his characteristics:

    1. High strength, thin and flexible, soft and smooth, good air permeability, no odor, and waterproof.

    2. It still has good tensile strength and disturbance strength at low temperature, and has good light aging resistance and hydrolysis resistance stability.

    3. Abrasion resistance, appearance and performance are close to natural leather, easy to wash and stain, easy to sew.

    4. The surface is smooth and compact, and can be used for various surface treatments and dyeing. The variety and price are relatively low.

    5. Water absorption is not easy to swell and deform.

    6. Environmental protection, zero emissions of hazardous chemicals.

    Product technology and classification

    Water-based PU leather is made from various types of water-based PU resin foamed or laminated on a woven or non-woven fabric base. It can be based on different strength, abrasion resistance, cold resistance and colour, gloss, Patterns and other patterns are required to be processed, with a wide variety of colours, good water resistance, and neat edges.


    It is brushed and light yellow colored, and its surface is processed into a suede-like scalp.

    waterborne pu

    Crazy Horse Leather

    An abbreviation for leather manufacturing technology, smooth feel, more flexible and strong, elastic foot, push the epidermis will produce discoloration effect, the material must be a natural head layer animal skin embryo, because horse skin has natural smoothness and strength, so most of the head Layer horse leather, but because of the disadvantages such as the time-consuming process, relatively few raw materials, and high cost, Crazy Horse Leather is only common in the high-end leather market.


    Water-based PU mirror leather

    The surface is smooth. The leather is mainly treated to make the surface bright and shiny, showing the effect of mirror surface, so it is called mirror leather.

    waterborne PU

    Water-based microfiber leather

    It is a new type of high-grade artificial leather made of ultra-fine fibers, which can be used in various fields such as shoes, bags, furniture, automotive interiors, etc. It has the characteristics of leather and better indicators than leather. Some people call it the fourth-generation artificial leather, which is comparable to high-grade natural leather. It has the inherent moisture absorption and breathability of natural leather, and surpasses natural leather in terms of chemical resistance, water resistance, and mildew resistance.

    waterborne PU

    Classic case of water-based PU leather

    Furniture leather






    water-based pu



    waterborne pu

    Huai’an Kaiyue Technology Development Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive enterprise integrating R & D, production and sales of water-based PU resin, water-based surface treatment agent, synthetic leather slurry and water-based polyurethane synthetic leather / water-based microfiber synthetic leather. The company’s products are widely used in shoes, bags, sofas, clothing and other fields.

    Huai’an Kaiyue Technology Development Co., Ltd. is committed to the promotion of environmental protection and guarantees compliance with the ZDHC-MRSL list, REACH and all EU directives, as well as major national and international regulations. Ensure that processing takes place under conditions that are safest for workers and the environment.