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    Biodegradable leather and recycled leather

    Biodegradable leather

    A. What is biodegradable leather:

    Biodegradable leather refers to artificial leather and synthetic leather that are discarded after being used. They are degraded by assimilation of microorganisms such as bacteria, molds (fungi) and algae in the natural environment, resulting in water, carbon dioxide, methane, etc. Into natural carbon PU or PVC artificial leather synthetic leather material.

    B. Significance of biodegradable leather:

    Solve the current environmental pollution problem of “white garbage”. At present, various countries have introduced compulsory laws to prohibit the production and sales of non-degradable polymer materials such as traditional plastics.

    C. Biodegradable types:

    According to the final result of degradation: complete biodegradation and destructive biodegradation.

    Fully biodegradable plastics are mainly made from natural polymers through microbial fermentation or synthesis of biodegradable polymers, such as thermoplastic starch plastics, aliphatic polyesters (PHA), polylactic acid (PLA), starch / polyvinyl alcohol, etc. ;

    Destructive biodegradable plastics mainly include starch modified (or filled) polyethylene PE, polypropylene PP, polyvinyl chloride PVC, and polystyrene PS.

    Divided by degradation: photodegradable materials, biodegradation, photo / biodegradation, etc.

    D. International mainstream testing and certification:

    United States: ASTM D6400; D5511

    European Union: DIN EN13432

    Japan: Japan GREENPLA biodegradable certification

    Australia: AS4736
    Biodegradable certification

    E. Prospects and development:

    At present, because “white garbage” has seriously affected the living environment of human beings, most countries around the world are banning the production, sales and use of non-degradable materials. Therefore, biodegradable artificial leather synthetic leather is a necessary property of leather in the future, and it is also a basic standard requirement for customers to buy.

    Recycled leather

    A. What is recycled leather:

    Recycled leather refers to the artificial leather products produced by producing some or all of the artificial leather and synthetic leather from waste materials, which are recycled and processed into resin or leather-based cloth.

    B. Types of recycled leather products:

    At present, when producing artificial leather, leather base cloth is artificial leather synthetic leather produced using recycled fabric.

    Huai’an Kaiyue Technology Development Co., Ltd. uses recycled base fabrics to produce synthetic leather. What is more environmentally friendly is that we are a manufacturer of water-based recycled synthetic leather.

    C. Significance of recycling recycled leather:

    In order to protect the environment, energy-saving and emission-reduction strategies make resources recycling and reuse, and promote sustainable economic and social development. More and more international famous companies are playing the card of “environmental protection” and promoting the use of environmentally friendly materials. Therefore, recycled and recyclable materials have naturally become their “darlings”.

    D. Testing and certification:

    GRS (Global Recycle Standard)-Global Recycling Standard Certification

    Huaian Kaiyue Technology Development Co., Ltd. has passed GRS certification

    E, GRS certification benefits:

    1. Globally recognized, to obtain a pass for the product to enter the international stage;

    2. The product is low-carbon, environmentally friendly and traceable;

    3. Access to the purchasing directory system of world famous enterprises and international big names;

    4. Comply with market requirements of “green” and “environmental protection”, and improve technical barriers to products

    5. Improve corporate brand awareness.

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