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    Water-based PU leather-2021 spring and summer women bag element trend

    Huaian Kaiyue Technology Development Co., Ltd.

    Water-based PU leather-2021 spring and summer women bag element trend

    Wrinkle is one of the fastest and most effective ways to break the leveling, and the process is simple and easy to operate, so it is naturally widely used. This season’s main push pleating, pile pleating, superimposed pleating process, seemingly unintentional wrinkle decoration, looks very three-dimensional, wrinkling method brings a special touch to the bag surface, creating a sweet and more visual experience at the same time.

    Water-based PU leather-female bag series

    The Chinese name of water-based PU leather chemistry is also called “water-based polyurethane”. Water-based PU leather replaces organic solvents with water, does not contain harmful chemicals such as DMF, DOP, no pollution in the production process, zero discharge of dangerous chemicals, and is environmentally friendly. It is now widely used in the decoration of luggage, clothing, shoes, vehicles and furniture. It has been increasingly recognized by the market. Its wide range of applications, large number and variety are beyond the reach of traditional natural leather. Good water-based PU leather is even more expensive than genuine leather, with a good shaping effect and bright surface!

    Pleated ruffles–style recommendation

    The big lotus leaf is also respected by the designer, in order to create a practical and innovative style, showing a sweet and romantic girly atmosphere.

    The accordion pleats have a history of more than a thousand years in China, and were the favorite elements of the early royal nobles. With the rise of “little fairies” in modern times, the folds will change the thick image of the past, and gradually march towards “fine” and “elegant”, reappearing with a fresh and elegant new look.

    Ruffles are really versatile and the most commonly used classic elements. The wave-shaped long lotus leaf is used to decorate the side edge of the bag or the strap, which adds feminine elegance and swaying.

    Huaian Kaiyue Technology Development Co., Ltd.

    Partial pleating–style recommendation

    The use of soft pleated leather with a very modern minimalist design presents a unique texture effect. Let the original single product break away from the sense of simplicity and create a new chapter with a unique personality.

    The overall use of frills is a bright spot. The neat pleats are used as decorative lines for auxiliary equipment. The contrast between simplicity and complexity makes the bag structure more layered.

    Huaian Kaiyue Technology Development Co., Ltd.

    Complex folds-style recommendation

    The complicated folding details complement the simple silhouette to create a practical shape. The rich fold details are outlined by the stitches.

    The design of the handle and shoulder strap focuses on alternative shapes and artistic geometric shapes, and the soft fold details echoing the hair circle are favored by designers.

    Just like the origami game I played as a kid, the traces folded up randomly reflect the natural feeling of being casual and comfortable. The artistic pleating process gives a simple three-dimensional sense to the simple style.

    Huaian Kaiyue Technology Development Co., Ltd.

    The key process-shoulder dish

    The bow is named after the shape resembling a butterfly. From the rise of the European royal family to the present day, it is still endless, showing its eternal charm. When it comes to bows, everyone will think of a cute girl’s little princess knot. In addition to the larger size, the material of the bow is also exquisite and special. The “satin-winged” butterfly is the finishing touch, which is attached to the surface of the bag, showing the elegant temperament.

    Huaian Kaiyue Technology Development Co., Ltd.

    The company produces various types of water-based leather based on fashion trends. Perfect combination of fashion, environmental protection and sustainable development.

    Huaian Kaiyue Technology Development Co., Ltd.

    Follow the official website of Huai’an Kaiyue Technology Development Co., Ltd. to learn more about water-based leather fashion information.