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    The application of waterborne polyurethane resin

    The application of waterborne polyurethane resin to replace solvent-based products in various fields can be widely used in coatings, adhesives, fabric coating and finishing agents, water-based leather finishing agents, water-based leather surface treatment agents, and fiber surface treatment agents.

    Waterborne polyurethane resin refers to a polymer system using water as the medium, which gives the finished product a special feel, strong brightness, and functionality.

    Application of water-based resin-water-based paint

    1. Architectural decoration includes floor paint, elastic paint, building exterior paint, furniture wood paint, water-based interior paint

    2. Industrial coatings include industrial paints, vehicle paints, anti-corrosion paints, water-based metallic paints, metal surface treatment (polishing); water-based plastic paints

    Application of water-based resin-water-soluble polymer

    Main applications: water-based synthetic leather, petroleum exploration, and development, water treatment, papermaking, textiles, coatings, food, daily chemicals, etc.

    (1) Adhesive: It is widely used in high-end furniture, artificial board (production of corrugated cardboard), wood processing, leather processing, handicraft processing, decoration and non-metallic materials bonding and other industries.

    (2) Sealant: widely used in traditional sealants, including automobile, building decoration, and other industries. For example, the water-based concrete sealant is a kind of concrete that can penetrate into concrete to enhance the sealing, dustproof, wear-resistant and hardening effect of the concrete.

    (3) Textile industry: water-based resins are used in the production of synthetic leather, ecological PU leather bags, sofa leather; ecological water-based foam sofa leather, clothing leather; ecological water-based car interior leather, furniture interior leather; artificial leather Water-based microfiber leather, etc.

    Huaian Kaiyue Technology Development Co., Ltd.?independently develops and produces?waterborne polyurethane resin, which is mainly used for the production of water-based synthetic leather. Products are widely used in clothing leather, shoe leather, bag leather, sofa leather, home improvement leather, car interior leather, etc.

    (4) Ink: Water-based ink is used for packaging and printing products with strict hygienic conditions such as tobacco, wine, food, beverage, medicine, children’s toys and so on.

    (5) Petroleum exploitation: admixtures for cementing cements and enhanced oil displacement agents, etc.

    Application of water-based resin-super absorbent resin

    Main applications: industrial and agricultural, daily life, medical and other fields, used as desiccant, deoxygenation preservative, expanded rubber, medical materials, construction materials, cosmetics, daily necessities, etc.

    (1) Daily life: In diaper diapers and women’s hygiene, it is a water-absorbing characteristic application of superabsorbent resin.

    (2) Electric appliance protection: Super absorbent resin is also applied to protect the cable from moisture.

    (3) Agriculture: As a water-retaining agent, super absorbent resin is widely used in agriculture, forestry, horticulture and other fields. Revolutionary significance.


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