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    [Water-based PU leather] 20/21 autumn and winter men’s shoes Milan T station comprehensive analysis


    Water-based PU leather

    Water-based leather replaces organic solvents with water, does not contain harmful chemicals such as DMF, DOP, no pollution in the production process, zero emissions of dangerous chemicals, is the highest standard of sustainable development products. Let us follow the trend of the fashion industry and perfectly combine environmental protection with fashion.

    Comprehensive Analysis of Milan T-Taiwan Men’s Shoes in Autumn / Winter 20/21

    If New York Fashion Week is “actual”, London Fashion Week is “avant-garde” and Paris Fashion Week is “luxury”, then Milan Fashion Week is-professional.

    Milan Fashion Week is a key event in the fashion industry, and it represents Italy’s basic role in creativity and manufacturing in the field of luxury goods. This season’s fashion week can also be described as brilliant, designers show their talents.

    The return of the Gucci menswear show,

    Alexander McQueen joined,

    Salvatore Ferragamo also continued to display its menswear collection in Milan, allowing new fashion trends to spread across all corners of Milan.

    Key Style-Modern Romance




    The rich fabrics and exaggerated decoration presented on the men’s runway indicate the trend direction of the fall / winter 2020/21 festival and party modeling.

    On the shoes, the simple contours are decorated with exaggerated details, and they are made of personalized fabrics such as velvet or brocade, eliminating the need for excessive embellishment.




    Key Color-Danish Brown

    Brown is a must-have core color and is now changing to a warm Danish brown. This color comes with masculinity and luxury. The use of all brown pieces on the shoes highlights the retro tone and modernity of the shoes.




    Key single product-gentleman derby shoes


    The classic Derby shoes that have been popular since autumn / winter 2019/20 are in this season

    Presents the aesthetics of the Punk Legion.

    Echoing the 2020/21 fall / winter forecast trend: punk spirit.

    The thick bottom is the design point. Rivets and contrasting bright lines are the key update points.




    Key Brand-FENDI



    Fendi 20/21 autumn and winter men’s series, the theme is “New Normal”, that is, “new normal”.

    The show was inspired by the concept of “Retro-futurist” (Retro-futurist), which is based on the high-tech utopian smooth and smooth minimalist white stage.

    FENDI’s key shoes are thick-soled trekking boots. Thick trekking boots suitable for various terrains perfectly show the future trend of dystopia. They are used in boots to highlight the theme of survival.

    20/21 Analysis of water-based shoe leather fabric

    Sheepskin leather, tough crazy horse leather, napa cowhide grain, printed embossed leather, etc.,

    Huai’an Kaiyue Technology Development Co., Ltd. develops and produces various grained water-based leather and high-property shoe leather products based on fashion information. Customized samples are welcome.