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    KAIYUE TECH has responded to the full set of equipment for “chemical testing” of waterborne PU materials

    In the trend of the environmental protection market, water-based PU materials are currently the most popular synthetic leather products. Because these technologies are new lightweight polymer materials, not every synthetic leather manufacturer can produce water-based synthetic leather.

    KAIYUE Tech and the new company Jiangsu Huayuan High-Tech Co., Ltd. are responding to the “chemical testing of water-based PU materials of various brands | a full set of equipment is in place.

    Testable items: DMFa, DMFu, o-benzenes, PAHs, APEO, azo, PBA, etc. At the same time of supply, a self-test report can be provided upon customer request.

    Ensure that each batch of outgoing goods is traceable.




    Even better, 70% of the raw materials of Huai’an Kaiyue Technology Development Co., Ltd. are independently developed and produced, with complete physical and chemical testing, which meets the highest standards of sustainable leather.