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    What is the difference between water-based synthetic leather and solvent synthetic leather

    What is the difference between water-based synthetic leather and solvent synthetic leather

    What is water-based synthetic leather?
    Water-based synthetic leather refers to the use of new water-based polymer materials instead of organic solvents, so that it is pollution-free in the production process, will not produce volatile harmful chemicals, and will not discharge wastewater and sludge. Green.
    What is oily synthetic leather?
    solvent synthetic leather is a traditional artificial leather that is common in the market and is developed using organic chemical solvents.

    The differences between water-based synthetic leather and solvent-based synthetic leather are as follows:

    Appearance difference: From the surface effect, there is not much difference between the two. Both solvent synthetic leather and water-based synthetic leather can achieve a wide variety of patterns, as long as the patterns you can think of can be achieved on the leather surface.

    Tactile difference: Compared with solvent-based synthetic leather, water-based synthetic leather feels smoother and softer, like skin.

    Smell difference: water-based synthetic leather has strong breathability and no volatile chemicals, so it smells only a light fabric. The solvent synthetic leather has a strong pungent plastic odor, it may not be able to disperse the smell after buying it for ten days in a ventilated place.

    Chemical difference: water-based synthetic leather does not contain formaldehyde, o-benzenes, azo, DMFa, DMFu, PAHs, APEO, PBA, and other (VOC) harmful chemicals. The oily synthetic leather is mainly composed of the above chemical substances (VOC).

    The difference in physical properties: In terms of physical properties, abrasion resistance, scratch resistance, twisting resistance, hydrolysis resistance, and other physical properties, water-based synthetic leather can reach a higher standard.

    Like the previous formaldehyde in home improvement, the air quality of passenger cars and other problems mainly come from the use of oily synthetic leather. Starting from 2018, many places across the country demanded a comprehensive completion of “solvent to water”