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    From now on, many places across the country demand that “oil to water” be fully completed

    In recent years, there have been waves of environmental protection inspections, and the country has issued a number of policies. Shenzhen, Jiangsu and other places have successively issued oil bans, and market changes have largely compressed the development of solvent-based synthetic leather companies. Therefore, the highly efficient and environmentally friendly water-based resin material has become a new direction for the development of the synthetic leather market.


    Relevant data show that the output of water-based synthetic leather is increasing year by year, and the proportion in the production of synthetic leather is also rising simultaneously. The development of solvent-based synthetic leather is becoming weak, and the development of water-based synthetic leather is ushering in a peak period. At a time when national environmental protection laws and regulations are becoming more perfect and synthetic leather manufacturers and the public are becoming more aware of environmental protection, the development of water-based and other environmentally friendly products is imperative. Traditional water-based coatings for architectural coatings and automotive electrophoresis primers have become popular. At present, water-based coating technologies are becoming more mature, and they are gradually being applied to wood furniture, automobiles, containers, construction machinery and other fields.

    On March 12, many provinces and cities in Shandong, Shanxi, Hebei, and Henan imposed emergency shutdowns and production restrictions on companies that released pollution sources due to severely polluted weather. In order to reduce the emission of VOC in the paint shop of old-fashioned factories in China, the recommended measures are to update its technological process and planning layout, and upgrade the system according to the new process to meet the increasing environmental protection requirements. At the same time, in order to avoid the scrapping of the painting workshop of the old factory and the high investment in the construction of the new painting workshop, it is a feasible method to transform the solvent-based process of the old factory into an aqueous process.

    Water-based resins are currently developing environmentally friendly new polymer materials. Synthetic leather manufacturers must speed up the development of new water-based synthetic leathers. Water-based polyurethane synthetic leather is a new force in our synthetic leather industry. Its birth and development are mainly affected by Mankind’s gradual recognition of the importance of environmental protection is driven. The efforts of various countries to strictly control VOC emissions and restrict the production and use of high VOC products have been raised to the level of laws and regulations. Water-based synthetic leather materials have become the first products in the leather industry because they do not contain VOCs and save energy. Let’s take a look at the progress of water-based materials in the following places.

    Suzhou Keywords: Elimination and Shutdown

    Suzhou has shut down 152 production companies this year, including 11 in Zhangjiagang, 21 in Changshu, 43 in Taicang, 24 in Kunshan, 16 in Wujiang District, 30 in Wuzhong District, and 5 in Suzhou High-tech Zone. There are 1 in the urban area and 1 in the Suzhou Industrial Park; 8 in the transfer category, 125 in the upgrade category, and 13 in the reorganization category. At present, the target tasks have been implemented in specific sectors and coating companies. Enterprises that are backward in production technology and technical equipment and fail to meet safety and environmental protection requirements will be eliminated.

    Keywords of Zhongshan: VOC content higher than 20% is replaced

    A few days ago, Zhongshan City Environmental Protection Bureau issued the “Zhongshan City Fixed Source Volatile Organic Substitution Implementation Plan (” Oil to Water “Phase 1) (Draft for Comments)” (hereinafter referred to as “Plan”). “Plan” pointed out that it is necessary to implement a comprehensive replacement of key industries. The areas within the jurisdiction of Zhongshan City include the metal surface synthetic leather industry, coating industry, construction industry (inner and outer wall soft decoration, steel structure outdoor indoor painting, etc.) and the auto repair industry (painting), in addition to spraying common factories The projects and projects of enterprises and institutions must fully implement “oil to water” before the specified time, that is, to eliminate the organic solvents and solvent-based paints and inks with high VOC content used in the painting / painting process, and the VOC content is not greater than 20% low (no) VOC content materials (water-based materials), etc. are substituted.