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    Using the water-based decorative leather to pry the furniture decoration market

    Using the water-based decorative leather to pry the furniture decoration market

    water-based leather

    ? ? ? ? ? ?With the economic development, the demand for home decoration increases year by year, and the market scale of China’s home decoration industry also shows an increasing trend year by year. The data shows that the market scale of China’s home furnishing industry reached 1.83 trillion yuan in 2015. As of 2017, the market scale of China’s home furnishing industry has grown to exceed 2 trillion yuan, reaching 2.1 trillion yuan. Entering 2018, the market scale of China’s home decoration industry reached about 2.23 trillion yuan. According to forecasts, the market size of China’s home furnishing industry will reach 2.59 trillion yuan by 2020, which is still nearly 500 billion yuan in growth compared with 2017.
    Integrated wall panels are gradually replacing traditional wall decoration materials due to their environmental protection, individuality, and savings. They have been welcomed by everyone from the home improvement to the tooling market. They have played a role that cannot be ignored in modern decoration and become a new trend.The rapid development of the real estate market in recent years, as well as the demand for renovation of old houses, will certainly increase the demand for prefabricated house decoration. With the passage of time and the improvement of market technology, decorative panels will become more popular and become the leader of the future decoration and industry.Our water-based decorative leather can be perfectly combined with wall panels and decorative panels. Our water-based products are attached to the panel and can provide a variety of styles. It is also very convenient when you want to replace it with a new one.

    Advantages of water-based leather wall leather

    1. With the continuous improvement of living standards, more and more people choose to use water-based leather as home decoration to decorate the room. Compared with traditional home furnishing, choosing water-based artificial leather for home furnishing can save a lot of time costs, labor, and budget costs.

    2. Water-based decorative leather can solve these problems very well, because it is environmentally friendly, non-toxic, free of formaldehyde and other harmful chemicals, and can be arbitrarily cut. If the leather surface is contaminated, it can be decontaminated by wiping with a damp cloth. If the wall decoration leather is damaged and needs to be replaced, you can directly remove the damaged part and glue it with new leather. You can easily get it done by one person without having to renovate the entire wall.

    3. During the construction process of water-based decorative leather, there is no need to move away from the occupants, because there is no dripping, and the room can be kept clean and tidy during decoration. The use of water-based leather as a wall decoration has another advantage: if there are children at home, it will inevitably bump. The water-based decorative leather has a certain degree of softness and a certain cushioning effect, which can effectively avoid accidents. Damage to the baby during a collision.