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    The 25th China (Wenzhou) International Leather Shoe Material and Shoe Machinery Exhibition was held in August as scheduled

    More than half of 2020 is coming, and the global pandemic of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic that has not been encountered in a hundred years has caused the world economy to fall into crisis. All walks of life have been forced to press the “pause button”, which has stalled or even reversed. Under the predicament, the industrial structure is facing drastic changes. Whether the granaries are sufficient and whether they can find “opportunities” in crisis has become the key to breaking through and regaining development in the industry.

    At present, the domestic epidemic prevention and control work has achieved major and gradual results and is steadily improving. The production and living order has been gradually restored. As the localities gradually lower the regional risk level, especially after the test of Qingming and May 1st long vacation, it can be said that China It is one of the most powerful and safest countries in the current global epidemic prevention and control. With the orderly progress of resumption of production and production in various places, governments at all levels have frequently launched a series of consumption stimulus policies. Although the domestic trade economy is still under greater pressure, there are signs of recovery.

    According to the National Bureau of Statistics, in April, the added value of the industrial enterprises above designated size increased by 3.9% year-on-year, and fell by 1.1% in March; the chain increased by 2.27%. From January to April, the added value of industrial enterprises above designated size fell by 4.9% year-on-year, which was 3.5 percentage points narrower than that from January to March. The total retail sales of social consumer goods was 2,871.8 billion yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 7.5%, a decrease of 8.3 percentage points from March; and a month-on-month increase of 0.32%. The current situation of domestic epidemic prevention and control continues to consolidate, the resumption of production and the resumption of the market have been solidly promoted, the production demand has gradually improved, the basic industry has strong support, the market is expected to be generally stable, the new kinetic energy is growing against the trend, and the economic activity has increased. The momentum of improvement has resumed since the month.

    From a global perspective, after nearly two months of outbreaks, the number of confirmed cases, infection rates, and mortality rates in many European countries have declined significantly. Therefore, many countries have begun to develop plans to gradually restore normal social life. Recently, Spain, Germany, Italy, Austria, Denmark, Czech Republic and other countries have successively stated that they will relax the closure measures taken in response to the new crown epidemic.

    As far as the shoe and leather industry is concerned, under the epidemic situation, companies have been overwhelmed by diminished orders, factory shutdowns, and idle staff. On the premise of implementing the epidemic prevention and control measures, it is urgent to restart the necessary industrial and commercial activities. As an important channel for industry business activities, the exhibition is particularly important for companies to obtain orders and grasp market dynamics. However, since the beginning of February in Milan, Italy, the Linpaili Leather Exhibition and the Simac Leather Shoe Machinery Exhibition, the global shoes in the first half of the year The offline exhibition of the leather industry has been postponed or cancelled. From the news released by the organizers of the major domestic shoe and leather industry exhibitions, the twenty-fifth Wenzhou International Leather, Shoe Material and Shoe Machine Exhibition will be held on August 21-23 It will be the second (first domestic) offline shoe and leather industry exhibition in the world this year.

    Wenzhou is a well-known shoe capital in the world. The output value of the shoe leather industry exceeds 100 billion yuan. Wenzhou people engaged in the shoe leather industry are all over the world and the industry chain is well-equipped. Since the outbreak, the Wenzhou Municipal Government has successively introduced policies of benefiting enterprises such as Wen 28 and Wen 32 to help all industries resume production. At present, the production and operation of enterprises in Wenzhou shoe leather manufacturing and other industries, especially domestic trade enterprises, are gradually recovering and are improving steadily. Founded in 1996, Wenzhou International Leather, Shoe Material and Shoe Machinery Exhibition is an important platform for Wenzhou enterprises to carry out business exchange activities with upstream and downstream enterprises in the shoe leather industry chain across the country and even the world. This year has become the first domestic shoe industry under a special background. The industry event will inevitably have a profound impact on the development of the shoe leather industry in the post-epidemic period.

    On the one hand, shoe-making materials, equipment and other supply-side companies are extremely eager to participate in exhibitions and business exchanges under the situation of epidemic outbreaks and industrial restructuring. Looking at the year, there are only a few industry exhibitions that can be selected except Wenzhou; For downstream buyers, the need to understand the industry’s new technologies and purchase production materials through the exhibition is urgently needed to be released. Wenzhou’s industrial clustering advantages and the scale and influence of Wenzhou International Leather Exhibition will encourage a large number of rigid buyers to visit and purchase at that time. Driven by this big policy of changing oil to water, I believe there will be many booths about water-based shoe leather. Huai’an Kaiyue Technology Development Co., Ltd. will also visit the site to provide better quality services and water-based products to the procurement side.


    As a highland of private economic development, Wenzhou has also achieved obvious results in its response to the new coronary pneumonia epidemic. From key epidemic areas in the initial stage of the outbreak of the domestic epidemic to low-risk areas where there are no new local cases for several months, Wenzhou has many Take the same measures and make great efforts to implement the epidemic prevention and control policy, which will also create extremely favorable conditions for the Wenzhou International Leather Exhibition in August.