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    2021 spring and summer popular color trends

    Recently, the authoritative color agency coloro cooperated with the global trend prediction agency WGSN to jointly launch the five key colors of spring and summer 2021. These five colors will affect the future trends in all directions and guide your future color!


    2021 spring and summer popular color trends


    Quiet Wave

    Recently, the Amazon forest fire caused international attention. I believe that the importance of green plants to the earth has long been said. The first color released in “Key colors for S / S 21″ is the Quiet Wave that seems to wander in the woods. When we appreciate the Quiet Wave, it seems to be bathed in the wind of “quietness”, and watching it seems to calm all emotions, just as green can calm humans; Quiet Wave not only has an optimistic, futuristic visual experience, but it is also It best represents the colors we must keep and care about after 2021.

    Quiet green is somewhere between grass green and avocado green, and is a cool color. The use of fashion styles in women’s shoes can create unique niche styles.

    Weaving materials combined with folk patterns or beaded arrangements can refer to the CHARLES & KEITH and By Far brands; the quiet green is suitable for the minimalist upper, and the simple strip design can highlight this color, see Wandler, Jeffrey Campbell.

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    When the quiet green is used in sports and leisure styles, the secondary color should be white gray or the same color to create a refreshing and comfortable casual item; the material can also be combined with the current popular canvas and mesh. Quiet green is more suitable as a supplementary color in the domestic market, which can increase the overall proportion of the shoe white.


    2021 spring and summer popular color trends

    Oxy Fire

    Can you imagine what will happen in 2021 one year later? Is there any expectation, tension or excitement? To say that it can represent such a mood, it is Oxy Fire. Compared with the former two, Oxy Fire is a more “outgoing” color. It is based on positive red and orange. After the fusion, the elements of the two become saturated, with a mysterious color in the heat; it symbolizes that we have not yet The coming world, that yearning meaning.




    The Oxy Fire mentioned this time is close to the Flame Scarlet we mentioned in the 2020 Top 10 Color Report-Flame Scarlet. The hot flame scarlet and the red like fire give the single product a more powerful aura, suitable for the dinner style on fashion shoes. This flame red is more suitable for combining thick heels, middle heels, and suede materials to create a personalized ghost girl vitality.

    Flame Red and its suitable for use in sports and leisure styles, to cater to the trend of street tide. Can also be combined with canvas materials, such as GOOD NEWS brand canvas shoes, can also create a youthful campus sense; Louis Vuitton’s autumn and winter new style is to use several different materials red fabric stitching.



    Lemon Sherbet

    Many times yellow is a healing color, and many cute dolls are usually designed based on yellow, but it is also often regarded as a color of adventure and firm power, like our persistence and advancing towards the unknown. Brave. This time “Key colors for S / S 21″ adds yellow to the “soft” lemon hues to make it more calming. With the inclusion of the yellow representing the sun, Lemon Sherbet’s light yellow color with lemon added, let us only expect the unknown future.




    Lemon Sherbet-lemon smoothie yellow is more inclined to goose yellow tone, suitable for girly items. Simple decorations can be added to the upper to enrich the overall design of the upper, such as Rayne’s same-color metal fasteners; it can also be used on the deep-lace single shoes that transition from spring to summer, such as Coclico.

    Lemon smoothie yellow is also a key color for designer brands and trendy brands. For example, the domestically-focused BANU brand stitches lemon yellow to the heel. It is suitable for women’s casual sports shoes, and can also be combined with pink, such as the Tommy Hilfiger brand, to cater to the domestic youth market.


    Good Gray



    Another color in this series is Good Gray, a gray that returns to simplicity, representing wisdom and multiple possible textures. Good Gray’s “ideal combination of various colors” and “a minimalist color with deep affection when used alone” are considered to be the balanced colors of the other four colors. It reduces vivid tones and vivid chroma, and it becomes an existence that does not violate.

    Good Gray environmental gray is more grayish blue. It is unique and advanced in women’s fashion styles. The cool colors are suitable for creating independent female images. In the selection of heels, wood-heeled soles can be used, such as Coclico’s small stiletto heels or thick-soled platform sandals, which are suitable for the Dashu market; Kurt Geiger’s combination of thin chain design is also worthy of domestic reference.

    The use of environmental protection gray in children’s shoes should also be used in combination with bright colors or high-gloss materials, such as Dsquared2’s environmentally friendly gray Grit material, and electric embroidery elements can also be added to the upper to increase the design sense. In the style design of boys’ shoes, combining green is a good choice, refer to the two brands of Stride Rite and AIR JORDAN.



    The preference of the older generation has become more and more influential in China. They have promoted the popularity of soft and neutral colors such as nettle. The nettle color is between brown and beige, and it has a long-lasting appeal in all age groups.




    Nettle nettle color is suitable for the older generation of consumer groups, so the performance of shoes is more focused on the minimalist and thick models, the upper color should be more concise, and the color matching should also be based on the basic color, such as white , Brown, etc., refer to Gray Matters’ thin strap sandals and thick heel wide strap slippers. The material can be used with crocodile patterns to create a niche sense, such as Dear Frances.

    Nettle color is suitable for creating outdoor, vacation and other styles in sports styles. NIKE combines the form of the same-color printing; Converse uses a soft pink color with a nettle color to neutralize the outdoor male feeling and cater to the female market. Nettle color can also be used in outdoor sandals, more suitable for the male market.