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    What is the EU standard DMF-free water-based clothing leather?

    Under the current proposition that “sustainable development” is the goal of all mankind, the fashion industry has been pushed to the cusp, and brands are gradually looking for “green” innovation. The emergence of environmentally friendly water-based clothing leather, on the one hand, does not harm animals, is environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and non-polluting, on the other hand, it can fully meet the pursuit of fashion by luxury brands.




    Many people will ask, what is the EU standard DMF-free water-based clothing leather?


    Let’s talk about what is DMF first. The scientific name of DMF is dimethylformamide. (DMF) is a colorless transparent liquid that can be miscible with water and most organic solvents. Pure dimethylformamide has a special odor, while industrial-grade or deteriorated dimethylformamide has a fishy smell because it contains impurities of dimethylamine.

    Those who know the basic synthetic leather process will know that traditional PU leather is made of a large amount of DMF dissolved in polyurethane resin. Although the leather made in this way is dry and soft, it will evaporate a lot of harmful chemicals. The most obvious is that the taste is very large. Many people who buy PU leather home may not be able to remove the odor for a few days in a ventilated place.
    More importantly:

    The EU recognizes DMFa and DMFu as special substances that affect fertility and is banned in children’s products under the age of 16.

    On October 27, 2017, the World Health Organization Cancer Research Agency designated DMF as a Class 2A carcinogen

    ZDHC “Zero Emissions of Hazardous Chemical Substances” international organization, in conjunction with many well-known international brands, proposed the concept of “environmental protection in the industrial chain”, and at the same time formulated the “Restricted Substance List” in the production process and promised “zero emissions of hazardous chemical substances (VOCs) in 2020

    The EU Reach regulations are constantly updated. At present, SVHC has paid close attention to 193 substances, including common organic solvents such as dimethylformamide (DMF) and toluene

    The rules and regulations and true hazards tell everyone that traditional solvent-based PU leather will eventually be eliminated.

    Therefore, the EU standard means that all products must not contain DMF and other harmful chemicals.

    The appearance of water-based PU leather fully meets the European Union and other national standards. Water-based PU leather replaces organic solvents with water and does not contain DMF and other harmful chemicals. Zero discharge of hazardous chemicals, environmental protection.


    Water-based garment leather has a more genuine leather feel, is as elastic as the skin, and has a certain sense of moisture. As we all know, genuine leather has the characteristics of scratch resistance and wear resistance but also needs careful maintenance. It needs to be lubricated to avoid dryness and cracks, and needs to be hung and stored to avoid creasing. In the same way, water-based clothing leather with a more leather-like feel also requires careful maintenance. The water-based clothing leather can also ensure good scratch resistance and abrasion resistance when it has a leather feel.

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