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    2021 Spring and Summer Women’s Shoes Theme Trend

    In the context of the fast-paced era, how to keep up with the changes, find your own position and show your own taste, and stand out in the workplace has become the focus.

    Workplace Creation Camp


    1. Various types of female workplace dramas have been sought after as hot searches, such as “Perfect Relationship”, “Home” and “Elite Lawyer”.
    2.Various talent shows, group debuts, competitive consciousness deeply rooted in people’s hearts, “101 Creation Camp” and “Youth Have You”.
    3.Affected by the epidemic, the state issued various documents to support fresh graduates, increase the intensity of supporting entrepreneurship, and provide opportunities for workplace choices.
    Consumer group analysis

    The workplace creation camp includes two typical consumer groups, one is the newcomer in the workplace, and the other is the elite in the workplace. They have many differences in values and attitudes, but they also need to be in the same In the workplace environment, there will be a lot of conflict and unexpected harmony.

    2021 Spring and Summer Women's Shoes Theme TrendSpring and summer 2021, the flower pattern is still hot, whether it is broken flowers or large-scale combined flowers, they are still blooming on the fashion stage;2021 Spring and Summer Women's Shoes Theme TrendAt the same time, color blooming patterns have also been added to the ranks; geometric figures or abstract flowers full of abstract artistic sense add an artistic sense to fashion.

    Process details

    The neat tailoring has always been a manifestation of exquisite value in the clothing. Combined with the asymmetric design, it is more fashionable; the “V” collar can play the visual effect of stretching the neck line in the clothing, and it also has a pull on the shoes. The effect of the long leg line is elegant and has a practical visual effect;

    Fabric selection

    Hearing about the workplace will inevitably have accessories such as leather shoes and leather bags. Breaking the original rigid impression of leather products, the relaxed and casual sense of natural folds of this leather shoe is also becoming more and more widely used in shoes. The simple upper adds a little wrinkle, whether it is leather or fabric, it is given Texture.

    Spring and summer is undoubtedly the season of colorful, classic sheepskin material and furry color sheep sheep has always been the first choice for comfort and daily use, soft and delicate texture, skin-friendly and comfortable;

    2021 Spring and Summer Women's Shoes Theme TrendUnder the prospect that leather supply is in short supply, people usually use traditional PU artificial leather as the main material of leather products, but traditional PU contains a lot of harmful chemicals, which is harmful to the human body, emits a lot of volatile gases, and is unfriendly to the environment.The advent of water-based PU leather has improved the shortcomings of the previous PU leather. It does not contain any harmful chemicals during production and does not emit hazardous chemicals. No harm to the body and friendly to the environment.
    2021 Spring and Summer Women's Shoes Theme TrendHuaian Kaiyue Technology Development Co., Ltd. is committed to reducing environmental pollution and has been engaged in polyurethane PU industry for more than ten years. In response to the call of the environmental protection era, the company has independently developed and produced from the source water-based polyurethane resin to the finished water-based leather. Our water-based leather is widely used in various types of shoe leather, clothing leather, home improvement leather, automobile leather, packaging leather, etc.