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    Maintenance method of water-based synthetic leather

    Every fabric in the world has its specific attributes, such as silk, leather, satin and so on. Targeted maintenance and care are required to better maintain the style of the items. Huaian Kaiyue Technology Development Co., Ltd. is a water-based PU leather manufacturer, from raw materials water-based polyurethane resin to finished products that are independently developed and produced.

    Let’s briefly explain the properties and maintenance methods of water-based synthetic leather.


    1. The too high temperatures will change the appearance of water-based artificial leather and stick to each other. It should not be placed near the stove, nor on the edge of the radiator, and do not allow direct sunlight.
    2. Do not place leather furniture in rooms with low temperatures. If the temperature is too low or the cold air is blown for a long time, the artificial leather will be frozen, cracked and hardened.
    3. Do not place leather furniture in a space with high humidity. Excessive humidity will cause the hydrolysis of water-based synthetic leather to occur and develop, causing damage to the surface film and shortening the service life. Therefore, rooms such as toilets, bathrooms, and kitchens are not suitable.
    4. When wiping the artificial leather, do not use a wet towel or cloth. Generally, it is better to wipe with a dry cloth. If you must use a damp cloth to wipe, you need to dry it in a ventilated place or dry it with a hairdryer.
    5. Synthetic leather is made of synthetic fibres such as nylon, polyester, polypropylene, etc. through net laying, needle punching, bonding, plastic coating and other processes. It not only has good wear resistance and good mechanical strength but also is elastic. , It is also soft at room temperature and low temperature. Because it is made of synthetic materials, it is not afraid of moths, mildew, and oil, and the surface has good water resistance. But synthetic leather is not resistant to high temperatures and chemical substances.
    6. When wearing synthetic leather clothing, be careful not to rub or collide with hard and rough objects to avoid damaging the surface coating. The synthetic leather film is thin, and it should not be baked near the stove or heater to prevent roasting the leather surface, and do not contaminate corrosive chemicals such as acid and alkali. When washing, do not use hot water bubbles, because the hot water will damage the fibrous structure of the base fabric. It can’t be washed with gasoline. Generally, it can be wiped with a soft cloth dipped in soapy water, and then washed with warm water. After washing, it should be hung in a shaded and ventilated place to dry. After drying, it should be placed in a dry and cool place, do not fold it, and do not press heavy objects.