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    『Givenchy』 ▏Water-based leather series dark floral print men bag

    “Givenchy” recently updated the spring and summer men’s water-based leather series bag, decorated with black and gray tone floral totem on the white nylon bag of the crossbody bag, waist bag and clutch bag. For boys, black, white, gray, simple and modern, the combination of flowers and flowers will not have a fancy sense, but a dark style.

    Givenchy bag

    Black and white gray flower bag

    This messenger bag is made of white nylon fabric with a black and gray tone floral totem on it, which is a bit like a sketch painting. Black and gray have a feeling of alternating light and dark. The slim and square bag can be hung on the back of the chest, and can also be used as a cross-body bag and a clutch bag.

    This collection of bags features V-shaped open seam details and black leather piping with black and white water-based leather logo patches. This can only be used as a waist bag or can be carried diagonally on your body.

    The black and gray tone flowers are more conspicuous on the flat rectangular clutch. This combination is classic and restrained, and there is a seemingly dark style with floral patterns.


    Water-based leather bag

    This series has also updated 2 leather bags. This pure black backpack is made of shiny soft calf leather. The top of the bag is a bit like a flip design. It is opened and closed with a zipper to provide safety performance.


    There is also a pure black calfskin belt bag, embellished with brand embroidered logo, low-key and sophisticated.



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