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    Adidas Originals launches Sustainability series

    Symbiosis with the environment makes the planet better.

    adidas Sustainability Series

    In recent years, the trend pioneer Adidas Originals, while enhancing the technology and functionality of shoes, has continued to pay attention to and respond to the call for global environmental protection, and is committed to innovation in the field of sustainable development.

    Adidas Originals also launched the Sustainability series this summer, with “reduce, reuse, and remake” as the series concept, using sustainable materials to complete the manufacture and packaging of products.

    Adidas Originals upgraded its flagship Home of Classics series again, fully tapped the production process and sustainable solutions in the process launched the Sustainability environmental series and shared a sustainable, green and recyclable lifestyle with consumers.

    Based on the simple aesthetics of the Home of Classics series, Adidas Originals injects the concept of sustainable development into the design of the Sustainability series.

    adidas Originals has redesigned and adjusted the shoes to reduce material waste. In this Sustainability series, 70% of the upper fabrics come from recyclable materials-new environmentally friendly water-based composite materials The iconic outsole is made of natural rubber products from rubber trees and 10% waste rubber.

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    In addition, Adidas Originals reuses the old waste shoe box materials, looking forward to practicing environmental protection concepts from shoes to packaging. To this end, Adidas uses the remaining stock materials that have been put on hold due to printing errors before cutting them in a random and efficient manner to create shoe boxes.

    This means that the printed pattern of each box will be different.

    At the same time, the inside of the shoebox is accompanied by Sustainability’s environmental protection concept and the shoe’s environmental protection material composition, to encourage more young people to join the environmental protection camp and jointly protect the earth.


    Huaian Kaiyue Technology Development Co., Ltd. has devoted itself to researching environmentally friendly composite materials for more than a few years. From water-based polyurethane resin to finished water-based microfiber synthetic leather, it has been independently developed and produced. The products are widely used in shoes, bags, home improvement, clothing and other fields.