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    What is Green leather?

    Green Leather

    First, the following criteria need to be met.

    1. Use without animal skin

    2. Free of DMFa, DMFu, o-benzenes, PAHs, APEO, azo, BPA and other harmful chemical substances

    3. No volatile organic compound emissions (zero VOC emissions)

    4. Aromatic amines are forbidden and the content does not exceed the standard. This is mainly because dyestuff companies produce dyes that are GREEN

    In the past, the environmentally friendly leather that people may recognize is artificial leather. At first, it was considered to be environmentally friendly without harming animal skin.

    Artificial leather (PU leather) is a plastic product that looks and feels like leather and can replace it. The production process of artificial leather uses a large number of toxic chemicals (DMF), which makes it smell big and volatile toxic gases are harmful to the human body. On October 27, 2017, the World Health Organization’s cancer research agency defined DMF as a category 2A carcinogen; the European Union recognized DMFa and DMFu as special substances that affect fertility and were banned in children’s products under the age of 16. ZDHC international organization “Zero Emissions of Hazardous Chemicals” has joined with many internationally renowned brands to propose the concept of “environmental protection in the industrial chain”, and at the same time formulated the “Restricted Substances List” in the production process and promised “zero emissions of hazardous chemicals (VOC) in 2020″.

    The green leather is a water-based polyurethane product (new environmentally friendly composite material) that looks like genuine leather and can replace traditional artificial leather. It uses water instead of organic solvents, does not contain DMF and other harmful chemicals, and has zero VOC emissions. It is the highest current standard. Environmentally friendly water-based leather. It uses water instead of organic solvents, does not contain harmful chemicals such as DMF, and has zero VOC emissions. It is the highest standard of environmental protection. Water-based leather.

    At present, Huaian Kaiyue Technology Development Co., Ltd. independently develops and produces Green leather (water-based leather). The products can be widely used in clothing, home improvement, shoes, bags and so on.

    Green leather


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