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    Green Leather Solutions for Furniture/Shoes/Cloth/Bag/Automotive.

    Recently, Huai’an Kaiyue Technology Development Co., Ltd. released 30 eco-friendly leather products. As a new and improved material solution for water-based polyurethane (PU) synthetic leather, KAIYUE LEATHER has higher peel strength, anti-yellowing and abrasion resistance. It is suitable for furniture, shoes, automobiles, clothing and accessories and other industries, allowing designers Can achieve high performance and ideal appearance of the product at the same time. In addition, KAIYUE LEATHER replaces organic solvents with water, does not contain any harmful chemicals, and meets strict VOC emission standards. The production process is pollution-free and green.

    Green Leather

    Polyurethane industry experts said: “With KAIYUE LEATHER, we are pushing the limits of creative design, combining the style of each application with high performance. KAIYUE LEATHER waterborne polyurethane redefines the limit of design freedom and has excellent sustainability The product uses water instead of organic solvents, no VOC emissions, strong permeability, high production efficiency, and helps to enhance the competitiveness of customers.” Compared with solvent-free products, it has better permeability, no odour, hydrophilicity, Skin-friendly feel and other advantages.

    1. Provide design freedom for furniture manufacturers

    In the furniture industry, the market demand for high-quality, green leather furniture is heating up again. Compared with industry standards, KAIYUE LEATHER has a soft touch and high peel strength, strong breathability, no emissions of harmful chemical substances such as formaldehyde, and zero odour. Help furniture manufacturers to meet the high-end market demand for environmental protection and design freedom.

    2, provide high-quality finishes and excellent protection for the design of mobile phone accessories

    Water-based leather is lightweight, highly flexible and resistant to chemical corrosion, making it ideal for use in consumer electronic accessories such as mobile phone cases. Under the conditions of 65°C and 90% relative humidity, we conducted a 72-hour hot-dip test on KAIYUE water-based synthetic leather using 8 different solutions, including sunscreen, sweat, olive oil, hand cream, sebum, oleic acid, Insecticides and perfumes. The test results show that KAIYUE water-based leather can withstand these commonly used liquids, thereby providing better protection for mobile devices.

    3. Bringing fashion style to the apparel and shoe industry

    The shoe materials and leather used in the fashion industry must be able to adapt to various material processing techniques so that they can be designed into various surface textures. As a multi-purpose material, KAIYUE LEATHER can not only meet the above requirements but also meet the needs of more customers for sustainable leather. Belts, bags, clothing and fashion accessories made of KAIYUE LEATHER water-based leather have a soft feel and excellent comfort and are stylish in style. Provide the best solution for environmentally sustainable development and fashion luxury.

    4, improve the comfort and safety of car interiors

    Automakers are always looking for materials that can improve driving comfort and experience. Synthetic leather that does not use organic solvents helps reduce emissions and odour emissions, thereby improving the air quality in the car. KAIYUE LEATHER water-based microfiber has excellent performance and has a variety of leather surface textures, which helps to improve the appearance and feel of the seat. In addition, waterborne microfibers also have better yellowing resistance, wear resistance, flex cracking resistance, and can withstand a variety of climatic conditions, including low temperatures of minus 30 ℃, helping car manufacturers meet the requirements for improving the durability of car interiors Degree of demand.

    Green leather for car interiors