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    Water-based PU VS Animal Leather

    Water-based PU VS animal leather

    I think one of the most destructive confusions in the fashion industry is the belief that “leather is just a by-product, and if it is not used, it must be discarded. We are using waste.” Many people stick to this idea as a reasonable explanation for the misfortune of cattle and sheep.

    But unfortunately, this is not the case. Leather is valuable. Without it, many related industries will fall. They do not rely on beef to make money, but on cowhide. Therefore, we should reverse the order “cowhide is not a by-product of beef, but beef is a by-product of cowhide.”

    It is unnecessary to harm cows, pigs, sheep or crocodiles. It is indeed absurd that animals are slaughtered for aesthetic purposes. In many places, some animals are raised for skins. Take cowhide as an example. These cowhide products can be found in cheap stores and large wholesale stores. These cows are slaughtered in large numbers, and they suffer from all kinds of unimaginable things during their lifetime. Torture, just to get something with better substitutes, is sad.



    Water-based PU leather has high performance, environmental protection and sustainable development.

    Water-based PU leather can also be called DMF-free water-based leather is a new type of composite material, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, healthy, harmless to the body, and has the top performance. The water-based PU leather is made of water-based polyurethane resin and replaces organic solvents with water. The production process is pollution-free and has zero VOC emissions. It does not contain DMFa, DMFu, orthobenzenes, PAHs, APEO, azo, PBA and other harmful chemicals. Meet REACH, RoHS, OEKO TEX100, GRS and other requirements.

    Compared with traditional PU leather, water-based PU leather is harmless, non-toxic, and odorless. It also reduces energy consumption in the production process and does not emit waste gas or waste water, so it can fully meet the highest environmental protection requirements. Water-based PU also has excellent physical properties, especially hydrolysis resistance, peeling resistance, abrasion resistance, etc.

    Microfiber made of water-based (PU) polyurethane-water-based microfiber,?I can ensure that it is stronger than animal skins, looks better than animal skins, can play a larger space, is more weather-resistant, breathable, and anti-cracking, Wear-resistant and durable, it can meet all your requirements for genuine leather and take it to the next level. This is the best proof that fashion does not need to use animals.

    For the question of whether water-based PU is better or real leather, people who are really high-quality products must have the answer in their hearts. Animal leather ≠ fashion