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    What is vegan leather? Vegan Leather VS Faux Leather

    What is vegan leather? Vegan Leather is a new term derived from the development of the times. As the name implies, it refers to animal-friendly leather. The materials and production process of these leathers are 100% free of animal ingredients and also environmentally friendly. Leather can be called vegan leather.

    Although animal leather products have always been very popular, the production of every leather product represents the death of animals. As more and more people advocate the theme of animal-friendliness, many brands have begun to look for alternatives to leather. In addition to the Faux Leather we know, there is now the term Vegan Leather.

    Vegan Leather has become popular in recent years. Some people will ask what is the difference between Vegan Leather and Faux Leather?

    Faux Leather is already a well-known vocabulary, which mainly refers to oily synthetic leather, oily PU leather, PVC and other meanings. Although Faux Leather is friendly to animals, it is very harmful to the environment. A lot of waste water and sludge are generated during production, and even a lot of toxic and harmful chemicals such as DMF, formaldehyde, toluene, etc. are used, which affect human health.

    As more and more people pay attention to environmental protection awareness, EU regulations mention that it is prohibited to use oily PU leather products containing toxic and hazardous substances.

    Vegan Leather is a new term derived from the development of the times. It means absolutely animal-friendly leather. Many people will misunderstand that Vegan Leather is made all of the plants, but in fact, there is no scientific research on the leather made all of the plants. The certified ones are not actually available and cannot be mass-produced. The water-based PU leather is based on a large number of scientific patents, and has actual products that can be mass-produced to meet the huge market demand. It is truly environmentally friendly synthetic leather that does not contain animal skin ingredients and does not contain harmful chemicals such as DMF. Therefore, the environmentally friendly Vegan Leather mentioned in the European Union and other countries refers to environmentally friendly water-based PU leather, water-based microfiber, etc.

    Water-based PU leather is called water-based polyurethane synthetic leather. It is a synthetic leather made of water-based polyurethane polymer material and does not contain toxic organic solvents. It is the latest replacement product of traditional solvent-based synthetic leather and a product that conforms to the sustainable development of the world. There is no pollution in the production process, no toxic and harmful waste gas and wastewater discharge. It does not contain DMFa, DMFu, o-benzenes, PAHs, APEO, azo, BPA, formaldehyde, heavy metals and other harmful chemicals. It is healthy and environmentally friendly, and truly harmless to the body. It can meet the latest environmental protection standards of the EU/UK and the United States, and meet the highest environmental protection requirements for synthetic leather at home and abroad.

    Water-based PU leather=Vegan Leather

    Vegan leather ≠ water-based PU leather

    vegan leather 水性PU皮革