• Waterborne silicone series

    KX-V1100 烷芳基硅油

    Product Detail

    Features: KX-V1100 is a special branched alkyl aryl modified polymethylsiloxane, which has isolation, anti-sticking and lubricity at high temperature (300~350℃). As the base oil of aluminum or aluminum-magnesium alloy high-temperature die-casting release agent, it has excellent properties of high temperature resistance, no carbonization, no pollution to the mold, and no residue. At the same time, the surface of aluminum or aluminum alloy products demolded with this product will not affect the subsequent electroplating, printing, and bonding processing.

    Compared with KX-1100, it has a higher molecular weight. Compared with imported silicone oils such as DC-203, it has superior performance in mold release, carbon deposition resistance, and smoothness. It is suitable for the release of various large, medium and small aluminum alloy castings. When used as a mold, it needs to be emulsified into an emulsion of appropriate concentration, and then diluted with water.

    Usage and dosage: Emulsify into 3060% emulsion in advance, then dilute with 80150 times water before use and spray it on the mold surface with a compression spray gun. It can be compounded with wax liquid, has good synergistic compatibility and can reduce costs.



    外观 无色或浅黄色透明或半透明油状液体


    活性份 100% 粘度 500~1500mPa.S
    溶解性 水性脱模剂 用途等级 压铸脱模剂 主要用途 压铸脱模剂
    型号 KX-V1100 品牌 凯迅 包装规格 50kg、200kg/桶